A Plan for Visioning

Why it’s Needed

Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of our community and the world.

Our Four Core Values:    Love    Worship     Spiritual Growth        Generosity


A note about core values – core values are literally the fundamental beliefs of a person or organization. They guide the organization in determining if they are on the right path.  When it comes to core values, the people actually act out these beliefs.  They are a high priority of the people.  Question: If the people don’t act out these beliefs then is it possible that these really aren’t their core values?


Vision: A vision guides us towards achieving our mission.  A vision describes how we will get to our destination.   It gets the people excited, and creates a sense of urgency when it comes to achieving the mission.  Before you can work on removing debt, an organization must know the direction it is heading. 


“Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.” Proverbs 29:18 KJV


Our focus: Celebrate Recovery, Rest Assured, Troy Middle School, Chicualacuala Mozambique


The Question


Do we want to work on a 1 year, 3 year and a 5 year vision plan?



How it Works

Step 1.  Six Weeks of Intentional prayer, Bible Study and Worship that nurtures spiritual formation and prepares the congregation to seek God’s vision.   

Start Date: _15 April_

End Date: __27 May__


Begin putting teams together in early May

Needs: Who are our teams?


Step 2.  30 days of prayer walks.  Consisting of walking and driving around the community and asking God, what God has in mind for our vision.  This also requires our people talking to people of our community as we inquire about their needs.  We will focus on the areas of need of our Middle School along with Celebrate Recovery. We must also contact the office of the Mozambique Initiative to determine the needs of our sister church in Mozambique.


Start Date: __June 19_

End Date: ___July 19_



Prayer teams. People who are extraverted or who work with the public. Questions to ask the community and the world. the Board will suggest and retrieve congregational members to be parts of the team. Bring in the current team. 


Step 3. Data collection and correlation.  We will need to spend time putting our findings together.  Our prayer teams must continue to pray for our church,  community and the world.

People who can organize Data as well as create data retrieval documents.

Start Date: July 20_

End Date: __1 August___


Step 4. Determining our current reality.  What do we do well? What are our growing edges.  What can we let go of? What prevents us from achieving our mission?


Step 5.  Weekend of planning.  We will invite the congregation on a Saturday to discuss our findings, starting off with a time of prayer and worship on Friday.

Start Date:  14 September_

End Date: _15 September



Step 6. What is the vision? Lead pastor takes all of the data, the information from the Weekend of Planning, goes on a prayer retreat and comes up with a vision plan for 1 year, 3 years and 5 years.

Start Date: _September 17__________

End Date: _September 21__


Step 7. Board Review. The church board will review what the pastor has brought before the board to determine whether or not to follow the vision.

Start Date: _October 9__

End Date: ____TBA___



Step 8. Present and Communicate the Vision.  How will we present the vision to the congregation?

Start Date: __TBA___

End Date: _____TBA____


Step 9.  Implementation.  A vision must be acted upon or its only a dream.

Start Date: _TBA_____

End Date: __TBA______